Sunday, December 07, 2008

Better Off Without A Mic (306 Exhibition @ Hoffman LaChance, 9-12-08)

We shot propane tanks and microphones, started fires and had guest singers. Adhering to the idea of deconstruction or destruction as it were, we wanted to tear down the conventions of music composition. Like it's predicessors free jazz, punk, techno, noize etc. etc., the sound composition is steered by way of devastation or the brink of collapse. Our instruments where microphones, rifles, guns, steel plates and exploding propane tanks.

We set out to the wilds with this one and enlisted the help and property of Sherman S. Sherman, a musical companion who at times brush-hogged the fields as we plotted the carnage. The title of the piece, "Better off without a Mic", comes from a quote Sherman makes as he's reluctantly coerced into producing a segue for a song of the same name, only it's a wife not a mic. One of the hallmarks of Nosey Parker is that we do not, under any circumstances, condone domestic violence.

Our weapons consisted of a beautiful 2007 Savage 30.06, a very sturdy and well crafted 1942 British Enfield 303, a 2007 Taurus 4" .357, a POS Remington .243 and a shiny nickle-plated 1948 Colt Dick Special .38. The guns are important; they have a very distinct sound when fired and their bullets create unique sounds on impact.

(The St. louis component was curated by Michael Behle).

Here's a link to a swift review:

Two identical vinyl records were pressed. Each contains audio collages of ballistic and other source audio of the event.
Here's the sounds from the record:
(please click on the link to listen)

1. .357
2. gun drama
3. animal hospital
4. better off without a wife
5. untitled

Two single channel video's:
a. better off without a mic compilation

b. slow-motion mic kill


Blogger Unknown said...

i have owned guns
and i have owned mics
but never have the 2 met so wonderfully

7:28 AM  
Blogger nosey parker said...

Do you still own guns and mics? I've got an idear.
All we need is an unpopulated parcel of land.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

no longer own guns..
mics..but none that can take a bullet..
I can get land but i'd have to sweet talk!

8:30 AM  
Blogger nosey parker said...

sounds complicated

10:16 AM  

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