Monday, January 30, 2006

adaptation of the architectural element and perhaps the subsequent semiotical interpretation of it's video component

In the above photo's we see a combining of the original TAZ architecture. In response to St. Louis art critic Ivy Cooper's take on our original organization of the two seperate TAZ's we will combine the two distinct spaces to create an absurd interaction between viewers and a real-time video interface. It was suggested by Ms. Ivy that our first project was redundant in it's efforts to create a form of interactive autonomous space within an already fully realized communicative if waving and yelling is all we should have done...or maybe cellphones would have been appropriate. Hmmm...cell phones. Our point was to make a space that was truely autonomous. if cellphones were used we might have been under surveillance and shouting does little to keep others from hearing. The other goal was to observe how viewers interact and create content within a space that visually hinted at a utopian idealism with views in sustainability, gave room for the viewer to interact with another without interference, as in an isolated group within a group and possibly called to mind happenings, actions and performances.
Technology is another reference point and may bring new possibilities to human interaction. With two moniter/camera stations situated in one space there might be a completely redundant interaction yet there will still be a recorded dialogue not seen (camera sending signal to other station) or a self awareness depicted as the extended self on screen (camera sending image to same station). If the participants choose to record their interaction then the document becomes the precedent unchanging form of the work. If nothing is recorded we have an action that in it's duration is contained within a planned environment.


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